With the ball at her feet:
is a living history of Queensland
women's football
Women started playing football in
Queensland in 1921.
Despite many challenges, women have continued to play football all over the state.

This website chronicles the women's game from the 1920s till now and tells the stories of women who have made the game what it is today.

The project collects individual stories, photos and memorabilia to present a narrative archive of the game’s remarkable history. The story of women’s football in our state is the community’s story, we hope as much as possible it is told by the people involved. Players, coaches, administrators, historians, writers and fans have contributed stories, so far.

We're calling it a living history. It is still growing and developing. We may have things wrong and we know we are missing information. That's why we need your help. We would love to hear your story and see your photographs or memorabilia so we can add them to the project.

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