Mackay Women Continued to Represent Mackay and Queensland

In 1990, the Mackay representative team made it to the grand final of the State titles. Mackay played Brisbane Bayside and at half time the scores were equal. The match went into extra time and unfortunately Mackay could not find an equaliser meaning Brisbane Bayside came away with the State Title that year. On the right is a photo of the Mackay representative team that year. Among the players are Tammy Jansen and Donna Fredrickson who were both selected to play for Queensland that year.

In the same year, Mackay Lions FC established their Female Player of the Year award donated by Albert and Janet Strachan. Janet played during the 1970s and continued supporting the women’s game during the 1990s. In 1996 Ann Newton won the player of the year award, we’re told that Ann plays beautifully and is always determined. She even continued to play while eight months pregnant.

  • Mackay Representative Team Reaches 1990 State Title Final in Kingaroy
  • Lions Player of the Year Award

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