Women's Football Continues to Thrive in Mackay

In 2011 Country United progressed a team into the premier competition and continue to have a premier team now. In 2019, three of Country's five senior teams are women's teams and they are also building all girls teams for their first ever all girls junior competition. Shelley Beldan (treasurer) and Peta Hamelink (coaching coordinator) told us that they're excited by the talent they see coming through and the increase in opportunities and pathways for female players.

Mackay Lions also continues to have a strong women's side since fielding their first women's team in the 1970s. In 2019, their Div 1 Women's Team won their grand final and their Premier Women came away with their third consecutive Grand Final win.

City Brothers FC and Mackay Rangers FC also continue the legacy of women's football in Mackay. In 2019, City Brothers had their Div 1 and Premier Women's team make it to the grand final and in 2018 Rangers FC had their 1st Division women's team win the grand final. Rangers also celebrated their 50 year anniversary in 2018 and some of their past and present female players were able to get together (pictured on right).

The Mackay area is currently governed by Mackay Regional Football (part of Football Queensland). Current clubs which field women's teams are: Country United, Mackay Rangers FC, City Brothers FC, Mackay Lions, Bowen Blast, Mackay Wanderers, Sarina Saints, West United Sharks and Whitsunday United.

Do you have information about women's football in the Mackay Region during the 2010s? We've spoken to Country United, Mackay Lions, Mackay Rangers and City Brothers and would like to thank them for their help. But there is always more to learn. Contact us if you'd like to help us expand this living history of women's football.

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