Representing Central Queensland and the State

After playing for the Australian Youth Team in 1989 and 1991, Tammy Sprott played for the Queensland Open team in 1992 and 1993. Many people we've spoken to still talk about her prowess as a player.

In June of 1994, Bernice Reynolds (37) and her daughter Angela Warwick (16) both represented Rockhampton in Cairns at the Women’s Soccer State Titles in Cairns. It appears they are the only mother and daughter to represent Rockhampton at the same time. Reynolds told the Morning Bulletin “I never thought I’d be playing representative matches at this age but I love the game so much I keep playing.” That year the Central Queensland women’s open team placed 5th at the State Titles. Berneice Reynolds (who was captain of the team) was happy with this result, especially their draw against Brisbane South. Reynolds noted “we had the whole grandstand cheering for us against Brisbane South.” Reynolds also named Melissa Cowie (who made the State team that year) as one of their strongest players.

That year Melissa Cowie was the only Central Queensland player to make the Queensland State team. At 18 years old, Cowie had been playing with the Central Queensland open squad as well as boys youth teams. She had a fierce tackling style and was selected after her performance at the State titles in Cairns.

  • Berneice Reynolds and her daughter Angela Warwick in the Morning Bulletin
  • Melissa Cowie Picked for State Team reported in the Morning Bulletin.

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