As Elaine Watson notes, the best
the female players could expect from the authorities
governing the game was indifference.
By the mid-70s, “Players were becoming increasingly disillusioned with the attitudes of the established Associations. In some cases, there was open antagonism towards the aims and requirements of a senior female competition”.

The players and supporters of women’s football wanted recognition for their abilities as serious athletes and the sport as a whole. The formation of the Australian Women’s Soccer Association and the affiliated State Associations was inevitable.

A Timeline of the 1970s in Pictures
  • Coalstars Team 1970
  • Article describes women's soccer in Brisbane just before the formation of the first state-wide organization
  • First Queensland Team 1974
  • Queensland Team 1974
  • Wynnum Ladies New Zealand Tour 1975
  • Queensland State Team 1975
  • 1976 Article about the South Queensland Women's Soccer Association
It's not the final whistle.
More on this section to come.
This section will group those events which shook and shaped the Brisbane’s game in a decade of turmoil and reorganisation. It’s also the decade of the National Championships, overseas tournaments and the first ever Matildas match.

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